Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

A recent foray to Manhattan confirmed my decision that it is time for a new start. Not sure where I’m going, but the first step is to lighten my overload of possessions. After five days of merriment in the jazzy city that is New York it was time to depart. Lugging 3 tons of luggage I boarded a bus bound for the east end of Long Island. I was returning to my father’s empty summer house, where I am currently installed. I vowed as soon as I get home I’ll get on with the divesture.

Aboard, I angled my chair and dozed most of the ride.

When I awoke I saw undulations of white. Had we somehow slid inside a marshmallow?

I thought I had bought a ticket to Southampton, Long Island, but I’m looking out the window and we are deep in arctic tundra.

Miraculously I was delivered to the drop off spot, right out front of the Southampton train station.

The road was obscured by packed snow. White berms swept up and across what looked like a frozen lake, completely filling the public car park. My car was at the in there, somewhere.

Rumor has it on the night of the blizzard plow drivers were sharing beers and a good time, and only one single truck was out working. A ‘Shout Out’ to the Town of Southampton.

I kept the heaviest of my 3 bags beside the road and in platform boots I forged into the polar landscape.

At its deepest the snowfall was mid-thigh. With perseverance and sodden socks I reached my car. I was startled to find myself in the throes of such a demanding ordeal.
The engine turned over and then I proceeded to ram back and forth a few feet creating a trench.


I employed all my options of 4 wheel drive, low, high, even’ tank- extravaganza anti-Armageddon’ mode.


A taxi company said 30 minutes. No problem. Probably take me that long to retrace my steps to the road.

All around was white, the suitcase black. I kept staring at the spot where it had been. T’was gone. My luggage was missing.

Any lasting hint of my glamorous New York City venture was shed.

No doubt whoever took my bag was expecting stacks of cash, while t’was nothing other than dirty clothes. I still had the vital items: laptop, wallet, and my shiny new watch. A second ‘Shout Out’ goes to the douche who filched my bag.

The cab dropped me at the end of the unplowed driveway to my dad’s house. In ecstasy I confettied the driver with money and clambered home.

Once indoors I cranked the heat and abruptly the onerous adventure was behind me.

And now a New Year is dawning, it’s time to chart a fresh course. I’ll be traveling light.